22 May 2018

Hydraulic Systems for Dummies

Ostim, in which is an important economic value not only for Ankara but also for Turkey, is an industrial zone that manufactures hydraulic systems, too. As Adım Koza Co., we are one of Ostim hydraulic companies and are intending to be a guide for dummies. As all of us know that machines need energy/power to work properly. Hydraulic systems allow this power to be used for those parts that need energy. The machines that manufactured are either hydraulic or this system is added to empower. Thus, it is not necessary to install many mechanical systems to make power useful. Pumps which located at the exit of hydraulic systems transform hydraulic power to mechanical power. The hydraulic valve which directs the flow of the hydraulic fluid in the system. Flow check controls the speed of pump.


A Few More Details

The pressure check valve step in the valve when the hydraulic pressure needs to be reset. The fluid is an element that provide transmission of hydraulic power. It consists of a mixture of oil and additives. The carrier refers to a pipe through which the fluid passes. The hydraulic fluid is stored in a container called a reservoir. Tube-pipe can be produced very long. Hydraulic systems generally consist of hydraulic power units and actuators, control valves, bearings and fasteners, hydraulic fluid and fluid storage-conditioning equipment. As Adım Koza Co., Hydraulic systems are only one of the services that we offer in Ankara. As a company, if you need a hydraulic manifold, please feel free to contact us. On the other hand, we also provide solutions to meet your expectations regarding hydraulic valves. We can also provide many products from industry giants such as Vivolo and Flucom.

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