19 May 2018

About May 19 and The Youth Day

As an old saying, the date of May 19 is a milestone for the beginning of the national struggle and represents Ataturk’s birthday. The landing of Samsun from Istanbul triggered the freedom process from enemy invasion. Being aware of the potential role of next generations for changing destiny of the country, Ataturk gave an instruction to celebrate this date as the youth day. It is significant to read the “Ataturk’s Address to the Turkish Youth” in this aspect. The date of May 19 should celebrate with great enthusiasm for its great importance for the next generations.


It is not enough to commemorate

In addition, this date of May 19 should not only remain as a classical tradition, but also should become a consciousness. In this regard, there is a historical responsibility for the government and NGOs. Turkish youth, who has a mission that given by Ataturk, must consciously celebrate this milestone regarding Turkish history. This conscious is a kind of responsibility to our ancestors and nation. On the other hand, we are supposed to transfer this responsibility to future generations.

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