27 November 2018

Wika Introduced Their New Pressure Switch

WIKA, one of the best and pioneer company in measurement devices, is expanding its product family. Wika, which you can also buy their products from AdimKoza, has 9.000 employees who are developing pressure, temprature and level measurement devices. Wika’s product range includes many devices like: manometers (pressure gauges), pressure sensors, pressure switches, pressure transmitters, contact pressure gauges, pressure gauges with output signal, digital gauges, mechanical and digital thermometers, temperature sensors, temperature controllers, level indicators, force measurements and flow switches and sensors.

The latest Wika product is a PSM series pressure switch for industrial applications and heavy duties, which has an adjustable switch. The two types of this switch are named as PSM-530 and PSM-520. Wika’s PSM series pressure switches are adjustable on site and has compact sizes. PSM-530 provides a suitable solution with compressors with its adjustable pressure range from 1-4 to 7-15. PSM-520, can work in higher pressures and can be used in pumps and larger compressors.

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As AdımKoza Hydraulic, we provide solutions for all your measurements needs with WIKA in Ankara / Turkey. As the Wika Ankara and Wika Turkey sales channel, we are ready to help you for all of your questions and demands. You can contact us for your Wika inquiries.

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